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Join an axe throwing league today!

Axe throwing has become a popular sport here in the Statesville, North Carolina area, and throwing leagues are popping up everywhere. Here at Patriot Axe Throwing, we’re the area’s top place to come and throw axes, and if you want to join an axe throwing league, we have different options for you.

Axe Throwing League in Statesville, North Carolina

Why should you join an axe throwing league? Here are just a few of our top reasons:

  • Get out of the house and enjoy axe throwing on a regular basis.
  • Practice axe throwing and get better at it than you were before.
  • Hang out with people who love axe throwing as much as you do.
  • Have a blast!!

We make joining an axe throwing league entertaining – we schedule regular tournaments and make sure everyone gets plenty of play time.

When you join one of our axe throwing leagues, you don’t have to worry about your skill level. We want everyone to simply come, play, and have a good time!

Just when you thought we were already the best spot in the Statesville, North Carolina area, we stepped it up a notch by adding a 18-lane axe throwing area for both recreational use and league play.

Are you ready to play with people who love axe throwing as much as you do? Contact us at Patriot Axe Throwing to find out more about our league schedule and information about how to join!

At Patriot Axe Throwing, our axe throwing league is available to those within a 20-mile radius of Hickory, North Carolina, including Newton, Claremont, Conover, Granite Falls, Baton, Statesville, and Brookford.