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A drive-thru convenience store is Hickory’s answer to the busy, working individual’s needs!

Have you ever been on your way home from a long day of working or running errands and then realized you forgot something? Whether it was a bottle of wine for a friend’s house-warming party or some candy and soda for movie night with the kids, if the thought of making yet one more trip into yet one more store is too much to bear, we have the perfect answer for you at Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing: our drive-thru convenience store!

Drive-Thru Convenience Store in Hickory, North Carolina

At Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing, we saw a need for a fast and easy drive-thru that would give you access to things that other drive-thru businesses don’t offer. Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing offers many things that you can pick up easily on your way home, to a party, or just when you are out on a Saturday running other errands. We offer things like wine, candy, beer, energy drinks, soda, and even a selection of tobacco products. While the rules of purchase are still the same (we still need to see your ID if you’re buying alcohol or tobacco), the method of purchase is much easier and faster with our drive-thru convenience store.

While you have your pick of stores in Hickory, North Carolina that sell the same items as we do at Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing, the difference in pricing and quality is significantly in our favor! We have name brands, specialty brands, and a huge variety of products at great prices ready for convenient pick-up at our drive-thru convenience store. Whether you need to stock a party or just your fridge, we have the products you need here at Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing.

At Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing, our drive-thru convenience store is conveniently located for those within a 20-mile radius of Hickory, North Carolina, including Newton, Claremont, Conover, Granite Falls, Baton, and Brookford.