How Do Energy Drinks Compare to Coffee?

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The reason to drink energy drinks is often the same as why we drink coffee – for that bit of a pick-me-up first thing in the morning, to combat a drop in energy later in the day, or to get through an all-night work shift or study session. If you are debating which is going to be the better option for you, coffee or energy drinks, it will help to understand how they compare.

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  • Caffeine- The differences in caffeine can be anything from minimal to major depending on the type of coffee and the type of energy drinks you’re considering. Some energy drinks have more caffeine than coffee, but some coffee drinks are higher than energy drinks. The thing to note is that you can pretty much get away with up to 400 mg of caffeine a day without side effects.
  • Energy- Which gives you more energy? Everyone is different in this regard, but consider that energy drinks with additives such as taurine that work as enhancers can help you avoid an energy crash later.
  • Sugar- Unless you put a huge amount of sugar in your coffee, energy drinks are going to have more sugar.
  • Calories- Black coffee has zero calories, but few people drink it that way. Even with cream and sugar, however, you’ll face more calories in energy drinks because they include lots of sugar, in most cases. If calories are important to you, consider a sugar-free energy drink option.
  • Flavors- While there are many different coffee flavors, plus added syrups and creamers you can add, you’ll also find that energy drinks come in a host of flavors now, such as champagne, cherry vanilla, lemonade, cotton candy, berry, and more.

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