Why Axe Throwing is the Hottest Trend in Corporate Team Building

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As you may have heard, one of the latest trends in group activities is axe throwing. More and more people who are looking for a new way to enjoy time with their friends are giving this age-old sport a try. Axe throwing is also gaining popularity as a corporate team building exercise, for a number of reasons. Naturally, we at Patriot Axe Throwing are big believers in the value of axe throwing for recreational and team building purposes, and in this article, we’ll be going over some of the reasons this activity has become so popular for work teams.

  • Fosters Communication- One of the big advantages of axe throwing is that it fosters communication between team members. Instead of maintaining a formal, professional distance from one another, your team members will be able to give each other direct feedback and suggestions on their axe throwing performance. This builds their communication skills and opens up new avenues of information in your team.
  • Involves the Whole Body and Brain- Another reason that we at Patriot Axe Throwing believe that axe throwing has caught on as the hottest trend in corporate team building is that it engages the whole body, including diverse areas of the brain. Many great leaders and thinkers have written about the importance of the mind-body connection, and participating in a challenging but enjoyable physical activity is a great way to activate more neural pathways and think more creatively.
  • Presents Novel Challenges- The last reason why axe throwing is so effective for corporate team building that we’ll cover here is that it presents your team with a novel challenge that forces them to think differently. If your team is used to cerebral tasks like crunching numbers or pitching new products, the physical challenge of axe throwing will give them a new type of problem to work on. This will allow everyone to use different approaches and show different sides of their personalities, helping everyone get to know each other better.

We at Patriot Axe Throwing hope that this information has been helpful to you. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of axe throwing for your corporate team building exercises, just give us a call.