What to Know Before You Go: Axe Throwing Lanes Basics

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What to Know Before You Go: Axe Throwing Lanes BasicsOur axe throwing experts at Patriot Axe Throwing will happily teach you everything you need to know at your first visit. If learning on the fly is a little overwhelming for you still, read this article before visiting our axe throwing lanes.

  • Only throw one axe at a time. This is more of a safety thing than a technical tip, but it’s very important. You could split another axe in half or have the next axe ricochet in an uncontrolled direction. Throw once, retrieve once—it’s simple. And make sure your party pauses their throwing every time while you retrieve an axe.
  • There are two ways to throw an axe. This is down to personal preference, but your instructor will likely teach you both ways when you step into our axe throwing lanes. The options are either with both hands overhead or one hand poised at the side of your head. Try both and see which option works best for you.
  • Scoring is based on where you hit the board. There are numbers printed on each concentric circle on the target to make this easier. You also might opt to yell “kill shot” and try to hit one of the small blue dots in the upper corners of the board for more points—but that’s an expert-level stunt to pull off.

Axe throwing lanes will feel just like home once you get used to them. Once you find your rhythm, the world around you will melt away, and you’ll find that axe throwing is a relaxing but also thrilling sport that you can enjoy any time of year with your family and friends.