Pool Tables: Three Popular Trick Shots You Can Attempt

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Pool Tables: Three Popular Trick Shots You Can AttemptBeyond effortlessly running pool tables with simple bank shots against amateur challengers, every pool player should dedicate hours to perfecting mesmerizing trickery. We’re talking surprise curvature, gravity-defying hops, and unthinkable angles that land balls in improbable pockets. Below, we’ll unpack three of the coolest trick shots mixing physics and flash that are sure to drop jaws at pool tables.

  1. The Massé Shot. The massé shot is the quintessential trick that defines pool players with real finesse. By generating extreme topspin through angled cueing, you can pull off outlandish lateral curves, taking balls along curved trajectories that will baffle physicists and onlookers alike. Though the technique seems counterintuitive, practice makes perfect. Master the massé, and you’ll unlock a whole new world of epic trick possibilities.
  2. The Jump Shot. One of the flashiest and most spectacular trick shots out there, the jump involves jabbing down on the cue ball to launch it aggressively off the table surface. This is followed by it crashing miraculously onto an awaiting target ball, forcing the ball into an awaiting pocket. Though controversial in official play, its sheer improbability and circus-like spectacle make it an essential weapon in any aspiring pool shark’s arsenal.
  3. Around the World. As the name suggests, this jaw-dropping technique involves banking the cue ball on all four sides of the table. Equal parts geometry and finesse, the trick builds incrementally by first mastering cushions and then charting an improbable global journey touching every rail. Execute it smoothly amidst a crowded pool hall, and onlooker applause is guaranteed.

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