Key Things to Know About Joining an Axe Throwing League

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When people come to Patriot Axe Throwing for the first time, they often enjoy themselves so much that they return for multiple repeat visits. If you have fallen in love with axe throwing, why not join an axe throwing league? You’ll get to go axe throwing more often and meet people who love it as much as you do. In this article, our team will go over some key things you need to know before joining an axe throwing league.

Key Things to Know About Joining an Axe Throwing League

• You Don’t Need a Lot of Experience – Most axe throwing leagues don’t have strict entry requirements—many of the people who join our league sign up after only one or two axe throwing sessions. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to hone your skills further in the league, and your teammates will be on hand to provide advice on how to improve your technique.

• Most Leagues Have One-on-One Matches – If you join an axe throwing league with a friend, expect to be pitted against that friend in competition at some point. Most leagues structure their competitions as one-on-one matches, so make sure to practice enough to stand on your own when the time comes.

• Attendance is Flexible – While you should do your best to make it to as many axe throwing league matches as possible, it’s usually not a problem to miss one. We understand everyone has a life outside of axe throwing, and we’ll give you the flexibility you need to attend to your ordinary responsibilities while you participate in the league.