3 Reasons to Join an Axe Throwing League

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three reasons why we believe you should join an axe throwing leagueAs you can tell by our name, we at Patriot Axe Throwing are passionate about the sport of axe throwing, and we want to bring this exciting activity to as many people as possible. If you have tried axe throwing and enjoyed it, we encourage you to join our axe throwing league. Belonging to an axe throwing league will not only let you enjoy this hobby more often for an affordable price, but will also grant you some cool perks that you wouldn’t otherwise get. In this article, we’ll go over three reasons why we believe you should join an axe throwing league.

Patriot Axe Throwing is part of the World Axe Throwing League, and we grant our members access to the benefits that this affords us. As listed on the WATL website, some of the benefits you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy include:

  • Members-Only Rates: Many axe throwing locations offer special discounts to WATL members and their guests, allowing you to share your love for this activity with your family and friends. You can call our team at Patriot Axe Throwing to learn more about our member discount policy.
  • Free Walk-In Sessions: Another benefit of axe throwing league membership is that most clubs offer a certain number of free walk-in sessions with your member card, allowing you to enjoy this hobby more frequently than you otherwise could.
  • Free Entry with a Group: If your friends have booked an axe throwing event with your local club, your WATL member card will typically get you in for free.

As you can see, joining an axe throwing league has a lot of advantages. If you are interested in enjoying any of these benefits, you can ask our team members about joining our chapter of the WATL.